Monday, October 25, 2010


assalamualaikum... agak lame ye tak update blog ni..hu2
tup tup..tetibe jer upload gambar baby IrdinA..ahah..
the truth is..i mis this baby girl so000 much...

tak sabar nak exam
nak balik...

ok, enough of babbling..
exam dah dekat and eloklah saya menyeru diri saya dan diri saya dan
sesape yang terase dia dah nak exam...
"jom study..+ upgrade ibadat!"

tadi kan...tadi kan...
kelas saya kan... ada buat short esei pasal ideal teacher..
group's work..hu2
and..tetibe tangan and minda gatal nak post esei tu..hu2
kirenye dah jemu asyik copy paste bahan orang lain..

*(^_^) and

of course esei ni banyak grammatical error + language yang ntah pape..
and esei ni dibuat dalam keadaan yang sangat tergesa2
Madame Low memang bagi kitorang buat tak kurang dari 45 minutes!
yeah, it's a messy stuff
but who cares
as long as i know that my group have already gave their full efforts into this task
almaklumlah..saya budak baru belajar,
kalau salah tolong ajarkan..

An Ideal Teacher that I want to be


· The meaning of ideal teacher for me

- As for me, an ideal teacher is a teacher who can manage her or his students well

- Besides that, an ideal teacher also should update knowledge continuously for her or his improvement

· The classification of priority to be an ideal teacher

- For the sake of the students

- For the sake of the teacher himself or herself


· For the sake of the students

- I want to be a teacher who can design my own class

- I will design my class to be cozy and the most comfortable place for my student to learn

- For example, I do not want my class being too rigid with the typical arrangement of the tables and chairs.

- So, I want all the students in my class sit and learn in their on ways to study like in group or individually

- My class must have a good environment and contains a lot of comfortable furniture and ABM for them

· For the sake of the students

- Other than that, I will gradually bring my students to an educational trip once in a week

- So that, their minds can be more widen and they will think out of their box

- Furthermore, they can apply what have they learned outside the classroom

- For example, as I will be a religious teacher, of course I will teach moral value to them

- Thus, if I can bring them for a trip outside, they can apply what they learned from the examples that they saw through their trip

- This will go same to the science subject. I can bring them to zoo to make them understand better about the animals

· For the sake of myself as a teacher

- As teacher, of course I want to upgrade my knowledge either in a current issues or knowledge in my field of teaching

- So, I want to be a teacher who can travel around the world and have an opportunity to teach all kinds of students in different ways of cultures.

- From that, I can gain a lot of benefits as a teacher such as the differences method of teaching.

- Difference country may have difference ways of teaching, so I can apply various method of teaching in my class

· For the sake of myself as a teacher

- Last but not least, I want to be a teacher who is served or treated like a boss or king

- Thus, I want to have my own personal assistance to help me doing my job as a teacher

- As we know, teachers nowadays are being burdened with lots of works.

- Sometimes, most of their works are not even their jobs as a teacher such as typing and photocopy documents and bringing such heavy tools like the projector and etc

- This is why some people is reluctantly to be a teacher .

- as for me, I want to be an ideal teacher who only can concentrate to her or his students’ priority.

- Thus if I have a PA by my side, I can enter my class happily without thinking any other jobs plus my PA also can help me control my class if something unexpected event happens such as a fight between the students.

- In addition, I want to be an ideal teacher only at school from 8.00 a.m. till the end of the school session.

- Thus, in spite of being an ideal teacher for my students, I also want to be an ideal wife and mother to my family.

- Well, this is what I call an ideal teacher- never mix her or his school problem with the family affair.


· In a nutshell, in order to be an ideal teacher, we must think far beyond our mind

· An innovative and creative teacher must consider several factors such as the students and the teachers themselves

· I think my dream of being an ideal teacher is not impossible at all

so, ada sesiapa nak jadi cikgu tak?


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